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Are you needing more hope for your marriage to be healed and restored? Are you standing in faith for the restoration of your marriage? No matter how bad it is, GOD CAN RESTORE IT! Be inspired on how to stand supernaturally for your marriage by Pastor Jason Carver, who successfully stood for his marriage and was restored to his wife even after their divorce was finalized!

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Each day of this book you will find:

  •  Empowering Daily Devotional: Dive into daily devotionals that provide guidance and encouragement on how to stand strong for your marriage, even in the face of adversity.
  • ​Scriptures Supporting Restoration: Ground your stand in the unshakable foundation of God's Word with a list of Scriptures affirming the Biblical stance on restoration.
  • ​​Daily Prayers: Connect with God through heartfelt daily prayers that address the unique challenges and emotions you face during your stand.
  • Rejecting Lies: Equip yourself with a list of lies to reject while standing, helping you maintain a steadfast and unwavering faith.
  • Faith-Filled Declarations: Declare your faith boldly with a list of Faith-Filled Declarations that speak life and restoration into your marriage.
  • ​Reflective Questions: Engage in daily reflection with thought-provoking questions designed to deepen your understanding of God's plan for your life and your relationship.
  • ​Testimonies of Restoration: Be inspired by daily testimonies of other standers who have had their marriages restored, reminding you that with God, all things are possible.

"40-Day Stand For Marriage Restoration" is your go-to resource for your marriage restoration stand. This powerful book takes you through a 40-day journey is designed to equip and empower you as you stand supernaturally for your marriage's complete restoration.


Spend 40 powerful days with Jason as he takes you through his book 40 DAY STAND. 

  • ​​40 Daily Videos
  • ​Daily Emails Guiding You Through the Book 
  • ​​Weekly Prayer Challenges.
  • ​Bonus content not in the book
  • ​Special Guest Interviews
  • ​PDF Download of Book

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If you are in our Monthly Membership Program, 
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Dear Stander, 

Your marriage is not over! No matter what has happened with you and your spouse, God is in the restoration business. I know this first hand, please watch my 4 min video of my own stand below.  You might be separated, in the middle of a divorce, or like I was, praying for restoration AFTER DIVORCE! I am here to say you can experience all that God has for you and your family. 

And guess what? You don't have to merely survive the stand. You can thrive and prosper and experience supernatural hope and joy as you wait! Don't feel like you know how to walk in hope and strength during this incredibly difficult time? NO WORRIES... I will show you how you can tap into the power of God and His promise of reconciliation as well as the promise to give you a hope filled life now!

Join the Standing Supernaturally Academy today and learn how to walk in the power of  the Holy Spirit and have a framework for you to Stand Supernaturally for Marriage Restoration. 

Now is the time to tap into the promises of God and learn how to experience joy and strength as you supernaturally stand for your marriage to be restored! Your family needs what you have to offer, and that is the ministry of reconciliation. You can do it and I'd love to coach you how!

Standing Supernaturally With You, 
Jason Carver


Be trained in how to stand for your marriage by an international speaker, minister and coach who has been exactly where you are today. He walked in victory and so can you!


You too can start dreaming about the restoration trip you and your family are going to take. It 's going to happen! GOD IS RESTORING FAMILIES!

Watch my 4 min story of restoration below!


Jason Carver

Jason is the founder of Jason Carver Ministries; he’s a pastor, a tennis teaching professional, and an international speaker. He currently travels the world teaching and preaching the message of hope and encouragement one can find in the power of realizing that your destiny is still alive and active. Jason believes that no matter what has happened in your life, you can still walk in your Divine destiny. 

Jason’s personal story of marital restoration is a prophetic picture of what God will do in anyone’s life who is faithful and obedient to the promises of God. He coaches and teaches courses on how to supernaturally stand for family restoration. Jason loves seeing people experience the fullness that is available in scripture as they tap into the love, grace and power of God in their life. 

Jason lives in Waco, TX with his beautiful wife Christine and his two wonderful daughters, Abby & Sydney. Jason teaches tennis at Baylor University during the school year and is also the producer of an International TV ministry program as well as a creator of his own e-courses and digital content. Jason was the founder of the Central Texas School of Supernatural Ministry where he taught people how to walk in and release the power of God in everyday situations. 

Jason loves people and is passionate about seeing them walk into the best version of themselves. His goal is to carry hope in everything he does and believes joy and happiness are available to you no matter what you're experiencing. Get around Jason and you’ll truly experience the truth that “Your best is yet to come!”
Register for the 40 DAY STAND eCourse for only $40 
That's only a $1 a day

If you are in our Monthly Membership Program, 
you get a 50% discount off the eCourse.
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40 DAY STAND - Book