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Written by Jason Carver - Sep 4, 2023
In the pursuit of restoring your marriage, you may face what seems like insurmountable challenges. It's in these moments that your faith becomes a powerful weapon, enabling you to overcome the world's opposition to your marriage restoration journey. As 1 John 5:4–5 tells us, it is ...

Written by Jason Carver - Sep 4, 2023
As you stand for the restoration of your marriage, it's easy to feel that things are completely out of control and even God doesn’t seem to have a plan. However, take heart, for in the midst of the storm, God is at work. Romans 8:28 assures us that ...

Written by Jason Carver - Jul  10, 2023
I know that while standing for your marriage you may be experiencing deep pain and heartache. It's easy to feel discouraged and wonder if your pain will ever stop and actually give birth to something beautiful. But in the midst of your trials, God wants you to know that there is purpose in your pain. In Song of Songs 2:11–12...
Written by Jason Carver - Jun  20, 2023
As you stand for the restoration of your marriage, know that God has seen your faithfulness and how you are overcoming the pain. The wounds and disappointments may still linger, but in His infinite love and grace, God has entrusted you with the ability to fully trust Him. He calls you to... 
Written by Jason Carver - Jun  5, 2023
As you stand for the restoration of your marriage it can be easy to believe that this plan is not going to turn out the way you hope. It can be a challenging and sometimes discouraging journey. There may be moments when you doubt if God's plan for restoration is even...
Written by Jason Carver - May 22, 2023
A key to standing supernaturally for your marriage restoration requires steadfast faith and unwavering trust in God's love and plan. In times of doubt and uncertainty, remember the profound message of Luke 19:10, where Jesus declares His purpose of coming to seek and save the lost. This verse holds the key to understanding the...
Written by Jason Carver - May 15, 2023
Is there anything better than having someone genuinely smile at you? It’s one of those universal signs of being greeted with delight and happiness. I know you all have that desire for a simple smile of pleasure come your way from your spouse. I also know..
Written by Jason Carver - May 14, 2023
Today I want to commemorate a significant day in my life—a day that marked the beginning of my personal stand for restoration. On this Mother's Day, was the day the pain of standing began, for Christine left on Mother’s day and this could easily be a day that could bring back painful memories, but instead...
Written by Jason Carver - May 8, 2023
If you are standing for your marriage to be restored, it is likely that you have been through a lot of pain and heartache. It can be hard to keep your faith strong when you're standing for your marriage to be restored, especially when...
Written by Jason Carver - May 1, 2023
Standing for the restoration of your marriage is without a doubt a stressful and challenging journey. It's easy to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets about the past. But as we fix our eyes on Jesus and allow...
Standing Supernaturally for Marriage Restoration
Are you separated or divorced but still believing in restoration? Are you feeling exhausted and hopeless as you stand for your marriage to be restored? There is a way to walk in Peace, Power, and Joy as you wait for God to restore your family!   
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